This is our weekly meeting held on Friday. This is our main gathering where the community of Christ’ disciples who speak cantonese can come together and celebrate his lordship in the university. Here you can meet other cantonese Christians or hear guest speakers talk on contemporary topics. Newcomers are very welcome!

Time: 1 – 2 pm

Location: our location is currently not firm yet. Please stay tune for further notice.

Topics for Friday Meetings of 2017

Semester 1
Week 1 Welcoming
Week 2 Fellowship
Week 3 報上名來!
Week 4 關我咩事!?
Week 5 Fellowship
Week 6 Good Friday
Week 7 Money? Sex? Power? 1
Week 8 Money? Sex? Power? 2
Week 9 Fellowship
Week 10 公平咩?
Week 11 Fellowship
Week 12 Deadline:_______
Week 13 Fellowship