The Chinese Christian Fellowship is a registered Christian group within the University of Sydney. It was established in 1991, beginning with a group of Christians with a vision to proclaim God’s wonderful message to Chinese speaking people on campus. Our mission is to spread the Gospel and to build up Christians on campus as witnesses for our Lord Jesus Christ, as well as to encourage Christians to attend Church. We also work closely with locals.

To achieve our mission, a variety of activities are organised throughout the year, such as weekly public meeting on a Friday for celebrating God’s reign on campus by gathering, meetings in weekly cell groups or other planned events. (For more information, please visit Events)

We will continue to be the salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16) throughout the campus!


我們每年會舉辦不同類型的活動,以達到「廣傳福音,謙卑服侍,投入教會」的目的。大型活動抱括福音活動、年終的感恩聚餐。此外我們還有定期聚會,包括逢星期五的週會(即所謂的「大組」)及每星期的細胞小組。(詳情請瀏覽 Events)

要瞭解我們所信的是什麼,請細閱我們的團章。我們務必持主真道,在校園內作鹽作光!(馬太福音五: 13-16)