Name: Oscar LaiOscar

Degree: 2017 Bachelor of Engineering & Science

Converted: 1994

Baptised: To be baptised

Church: Hills Christian Alliance Church

Nominate Position: President

Email: [email protected]


the gospel of grace to our fellow students among the campus, and strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are to utilize our opportunity as a student to make connection with others who have yet to know Christ. Being an individual who share the same identity under the same university environment is an excellent chance to share our belief and our faith to others. Proclaiming Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior should be the mission of each Christian; and to use our lives and our action to be the living testimony of others. This is mine and our ultimate goal to serve as a servant in this fellowship.


“We proclaim Him, admonishing everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom,

so that we may present everyone complete in Christ”


Our fellowship mission statement summarized this perfectly for what we shall strive to achieve. In order to proclaim the gospel, we ourselves should also be complete in Christ through admonishing and teaching. In the coming years of CCF, I see the needs for us to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders. Not only just for the administrative work to run a club or hold events, but as a mature Christian who can uphold the spiritual growth of others and present everyone complete in Christ. We all need to have a clear mindset onto what this fellowship is to strive for. We need to focus our vision not only onto what we do, but on what we are doing for. Despite the different kind of actives and events that we might held, the finial goal is always to bring each and everyone one of us closer to Christ. I will focus on, and also pray for raising up new Christian leaders so that they may continue to do God’s work in this campus for the coming years.

The relations and bonding among our brothers and sisters in Christ, is the other thing that I deem essential. We ourselves need to have good fellowship among us before we could preach the gospel.


“We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us.

And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.”


We need to have a loving fellowship among our brothers and sisters before we can reach out to others. Each one of us have fellowship with our God, and through us, we will bring forward others so that they might also have fellowship with our God. We are to be loving and supportive to one another, so that everyone who come across our fellowship will experience our love under Christ. Lastly, I pray for ourselves that we will not be baffled by our own action, but have a clear mind and fixate ourselves onto Christ alone. Focus not on what we do, but on who we are. We do all those to preach the good news to others, so that we all shall be complete and saved by the name of Christ.



Thanks be to God I was able to come to CCF when I was year 1 in order to experience the love of brothers and sisters in Christ, and also be challenged on my Christian faith. I was not a mature Christian and through this fellowship I had grown up more than I could ever imagine. I want to serve God with my fellow brothers and sisters as a way to return and repay the love, the warmth, and the discipleship that this fellowship had brought unto me. I was merely an observer who rarely participated in any sort of active serving role, nor did being a Christian meant anything to me. Grateful to a brother in Christ, I have had the chance to serve God not long after I joined. It was a nightmare. Nightmare in a sense that it gave me a deeper understanding, and realization of what does a servant of God means. It wasn’t exactly easy nor hard, but to serve is to put yourself forward and fully give everything that you have to Christ. I was not ready for it, but no one was born to be ready for serving. The path to Christ is a never ending road. We all are not fully equipped for the hardships that we might face, but we will grow stronger in faith through experiencing them.

Throughout my past four years of helping out in this fellowship, I have gained more than what I have given. I have learned more from serving than I have from being served. Therefore, through this role I wish I could bring opportunities to other for them to grow stronger in Christ. I also want to urge others to actively be a servant under the great commission of Christ, so that we ourselves will be more mature together under Him.


Character traits:

God have given me several gifts and traits that I am grateful for. Through the love of Christ, I can be sympathetic and attentive to others’ needs and concerns. He had also given me a peaceful mind and forbearance characteristic whilst under stressful circumstance. I am blessed to need not worry for academic results and be focus onto this fellowship. Meetings, events or administrative stuff are also natural and familiar work to me. I will need to work on always being faithfulness among hardships that I might face in the future. I also found myself lacks in being talkative to others, and the skills for leadership. Need to work on getting the initiative to care for one another. I pray that God will train me and mold me to a better self in the coming days.


How can we best support/care for you?

I hope that I would seek for support among peers whenever I needed help. Thoughtful regards will be a loving support to me. I want to learn how to be a more faithful person through serving with my peers or mentor. Mindful advice or reprove would be helpful if you see any wrong doings. Be loving and work together under Christ.