Nameimg-20161128-wa0002-1: Elim Lee

Degree: Bachelor of Psychology (year 1)

Converted: Year 2

Baptism: Not Yet

Church: CABC – Thornleigh

Nominate Position: Executive Committee

Nominate Position: [email protected]


– To build up a strong and supportive bonding between members

– To grow up spiritually between god and us

– To promote gospel especially targeting in Cantonese Speakers


Reasons of Vision:

– As CCF members usually have their own peer group (own church), they are not usually sharing their life and so it is hard to build up a tight connection. Since I am an international student, I do understand the need of a strong and supportive bonding is essential for adapting a new environment.

– Since there is cell group once a week, members are able to read bible together and to discuss it. While most of the members do have the understanding what is the belief of Christian, the proposing of devotion becomes the next step to grow in spiritual life of every one of us.

– As there are more Cantonese speakers as students in USYD, and a lot of them haven’t heard the gospel before. To achieve the mission that has given by God – to share the gospel till the end of the world, we need to share the gospel.


Character traits:


– Outgoing: Willing to approach new people

– Expressive: Willing to share personal thoughts

– Well organized: able to plan everything and be prepared

– Sensitive: able to spot out the need of others


– Struggle in making decisions

– As I am always being ‘too active’, sometimes I may somehow miss out ideas from others

– Emotional

– Make simple things to be the more complicated

How can we best support for you?

– To be a listener (I am that kind of person who just need someone to listen my words but not any advice unless I directly ask for suggestions)

– To remind me not to stress out for striking the balance between studies and serving (I am that kind of person who easily feel stressed, and somehow I always push myself to do something even I dislike so)

– To have entertainments between us (I always love to get to know each other, and building up a close peer group makes me feel a lot better even i am suffering in certain worriment)