Name: Digby Cheungimg-20161127-wa0005

Degree: Bachelor of Economics, 3rd Year

Converted: 18/07/2014

Baptised: Not baptised

Church: Gracepoint Chinese Presbyterian Church

Nominate Position: Executive Member

Nominate Position: [email protected]


My vision for SUCCF this year and the near future is to spread the Gospel to others in the university. I would also like to expand our community so that we will have a sustainable group of core members which can continue to serve CCF in the future, to provide a solid foundation for others to continue to develop CCF in the future.

Within CCF, I would like to continue to be nurture the existing members so that they can gain valuable experience in serving God, which would be beneficial to their bond with God. I would also like to work hard this year with my committee members, especially since this year I have made a lot of mistakes and I hope to right this mistake and to work better this coming year.



I would like to serve in CCF as CCF has been a place where I have grown a lot. CCF allowed me to experience many up and downs but it is a place where I see myself being able to continue to grow.

I am also grateful of the opportunity that God has given me this year, being able to be part of the committee the past year, and I would like to use what I have learnt and put it into use in CCF and everyone in CCF. And able to see that the grace God has given us this year, which I can see from every one of you, this provides me with even more motivation in attempting to do better.


Character traits:

My strengths are:

  • Hardworking in that I will do my best in everything given to me
  • Good listener as I provide others with a comfortable situations to share things
  • Always prepared as I am not a deadline fighter and in everything I do I always make sure that everything is planned beforehand and a schedule is created so that I will know what I need to do and ensure that everything is done before the deadline.
  • Positive attitude: I will continue to exude and try to create a positive atmosphere among brothers and sisters.

My weaknesses are:

  • Public speaking skills: I am not fluent in making up a speech or saying things on the spot and I would prefer to have time to plan on what I want to say rather than just say it straight away.
  • Priorities: at times I do struggle to set priorities, especially when I have to balance between personal matters and serving.
  • Ignorant: as I will tend to have very strong views on certain aspects or in decision making, I can be very ignorant to the idea of others and would force my views to be the one agreed by everyone.


How can we best support/care for you?

CCF can best support and care for me by speaking out if you see me acting not right or I am away from God. It is possible that you might not be right, but please tell me because it can serve as a reminder for me for the future. In general, I would like you guys to tell me the truth or speak out the truth even if it will possibly hurt the person.