Name: Joyce Cheng, 鄭雪欣

Degree: Bachelor of Science/Master of Nutrition and Dietetics (2018), II

Converted: 1995

Baptised: May 17th, 2015

Church: Central Baptist Church

提名職位: To be confirmed

Email: [email protected]


My vision for CCF in 2016 is for my brothers and sisters in Christ to grow spiritually, encourage one another in their walk with God and to reach out to those who are yet to hear the Gospel. I hope that CCF will continue to be a place of love and support, showing care to those who may be struggling and/or new. I believe this can be achieved if the existing core members take extra initiative to care about these people, to meet up with them or check up on how they are going. Although we tend to stay within our own comfort zone and may find it awkward to reach out to others we may not know well, we must remember that we want our actions to reflect Christ in all that we do.
Furthermore, I would like CCF to reach out to more non-Christians through creative and different ways which may be achieved by using our God-given gifts. In times when a rapidly modernising society seems to attach a negative stigma and conservative view towards Christianity, I believe that reaching out to non-Christians must be done in ways which are likely to pleasantly surprise and/or be memorable. This may be one of the most powerful ways to attract non-Christians to attend CCF and allow them to gain more insight of what Christianity is (and isn’t).
My hope is that being part of the CCF committee team will teach me to rely on God not only through the trials I will encounter, but in all that I do. Ultimately, I desire to become more Christ-like so that those around me will be encouraged and uplifted.



4But because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, 5made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions – it is by grace you have been saved. – Ephesians 2: 4 – 5.
Even though I am a sinner unworthy of God’s gift for us, I have been saved because of His unfailing love. God has always provided me with so much more than I deserve and continued to pleasantly surprise me with where He wants to take me. For these reasons, I would like to give back to God what He has abundantly blessed me with.
Being in the committee team will help me to grow spiritually and encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ in their walk with God. To be able to hear testimonies of faith about how God has worked in our lives is truly uplifting; to have non-Christians commit themselves to Christ and experience God’s amazing love is truly touching and wonderful.
The concept of making disciples in Christ is deeply rooted in God’s word. The most resonating illustration of this concept that I have ever come across serves as a reminder of what we need to do.
If you were in your final days of life, how many people would come up and thank you for something you’ve done for them? How many people would you want to hear “thank you” from? Perhaps more importantly, how many people would come up to you and say “thank you for bringing me to Christ.”?


Character traits:

I am so thankful that God has blessed me with different character traits which I can use to serve and glorify His name. However, I am also aware of my weaknesses and will try to have an open heart to learn and improve.
God has given me the heart and desire to help others whenever I can and as much as I can. However, I am sometimes reluctant to let others help me and want to try everything myself first without admitting that I need help. Ironically, I often don’t want to ask for help because I am afraid of bothering others.
I am better at showing my caring nature towards others through actions rather than words. I find it hard to initiate conversations with people who I do not know very well and can come off as unenthusiastic, upset or cold (especially in large groups). Furthermore, I am not good at expressing my feelings, especially if I am upset or angry and prefer to keep everything to myself unless I am emotionally triggered.
I am also extremely observant and notice the smallest details which has resulted in a strong sense of empathy and sensitivity towards the needs and feelings of others. However, I am also a sensitive person and can take negative comments and criticism too seriously at times.
I always strive to complete everything to the best of my ability, however, this can mean that I have overly high expectations and a desire for perfection. I often worry about having done a poor job and/or letting others down.


How can we best support/care for you?

Please constantly remind me that it is my effort and my heart in serving and not the end result that matters.
Please understand it can take me a long time to open up to people and I may be extremely shy at first.
I need to learn to speak up when I disagree and/or am upset about something.
Sometimes I need help with understanding and reading Chinese and may not ask all the time because I am too overwhelmed or thinking too hard.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.