Name: Digby Cheung

Degree: Bachelor of Economics, 2nd Year

Converted: 18/07/2014

Baptised: Not baptised

Church: Gracepoint Presbyterian Church

Position: Secretary or Executive Member

Email: [email protected]


My vision for SUCCF in this year and the near future is to continue to spread the Gospel to others in the university, especially those who still can’t recognise God. I would also like to expand our community so that we will have a sustainable core members which can continue to serve CCF in the future, to provide a solid foundation for others to continue to develop CCF in the future.
Within CCF, I would like to educate those who does not know him, and help them develop a relationship with God. Additionally, with those who are Christians, I would like to see them continue to be nurtured so that they can gain valuable experience in serving God, which would be beneficial to their bond with God, as CCF is what I considered to be a perfect platform to serve without the strict constraints followed at other places.



I would like to serve CCF as CCF was the place where God had chosen me and first started to develop a relationship with God. CCF means a lot to me as it is where I first knew God, serve for him and now as a part of the committee. I, myself, was someone who didn’t know God from a young age, and thus I have experienced both a non-Christian and Christian way of life. I know that there are still many others like me out there in the university, and I would like to do the same for them as CCF did for me. I want them to experience the amazing grace of our God and hope that they, too, will choose to believe in him.
Additionally, I would like to serve God because over the course of two years, I have experienced a lot and all this have come from him. I am grateful over everything he has given me and I would like to thank him for this gift by serving him and take hold of the opportunity that he has given to me, to continue to grow spiritually, to strengthen my bond with him and to become more and more like him.


Character traits:

My strengths are:
Hardworking in that I will do my best in everything given to me
Good listener as I provide others with a comfortable situations to share things
Always prepared as I am not a deadline fighter and in everything I do I always make sure that everything is planned beforehand and a schedule is created so that I will know what I need to do and ensure that everything is done before the deadline.

My weaknesses are:
Quiet: in a large group I tend to be very reserved and an introvert and will not express my opinion if in a large group, where some are considered strong characters
At times, I will act based on my feelings. While this might not be a bad thing, however there are situations where it is much more appropriate to think carefully before acting.
Lack of strong will: this is in the case that more often than not, I will tend to side with the majority, partly due to my reluctance to relay my opinion in certain situations


How can we best support/care for you?

CCF can best support and care for me is to continue to put me out of my comfortable zone, so that I can overcome or improve on my weaknesses. This way I can continue to improve as a person, allowing me to serve CCF and God to the best of my ability.
Establishing a strong bonding within the committee member would be crucial for supporting me as it will provide me with a comfortable surroundings where I can share my fears and to voice my opinions, to build up our unity so that we can provide a backbone for CCF. Additionally, I would like to have an assurance that during stressful times, like school and other matters, I will have the other committee members’ back and they can help me to overcome this stress together and know that if I am feeling stress, I can tell them freely and expect them to help me share the load.