Name: Lam Brian Yiu Yeung

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) 3rd Year

Converted: 5/4/2015

Baptised: Not Baptised

Church: Lidcombe Gracepoint Chinese Presbyterian Church

提名職位: Executive Member

Email: [email protected]


The goal I would like to meet is inviting more students to join SUCCF. According to the mission God had given us, we need to evangelize people and CCF is a medium for us to spread the good news in universities. I can see that a lot of international students faced a lot of problems while studying overseas: loneliness, adapting new environment, pressure from studying in university, etc. They need God to help them overcome these issues but they don’t know the existence of God. That is the reason why I want to invite more students to join SUCCF and get to know God.



A year ago, I was not a Christian. I faced a lot of problems which I mentioned above. By some chance, I joined CCF and I feel so much warm here. All of the CCF members keep taking care of me which I didn’t experience before even from my best friends in Hong Kong. After got invited to go to church, I truly feel how powerful God is and the happiness when I can rely on God all the time. I really want to let more students get to know God and experience the harmony in CCF. Moreover, I understand the struggle when students first get into CCF or church as I was one of them before. I believe I have the experience to improve SUCCF and let the new comers feel comfortable to join us.


Character traits:

For the strengths, I believe I am good at starting a conversation and motivating people to speak and participate. I know most of the members might be shy to participate into the event and sometimes they just don’t want to be the first one. I don’t mind to speak first and I believe this can help all the events run smoothly. Moreover, I am clear about what we are the steps we have to discuss when we plan an event. I didn’t have much experience on event preparation but I can see when the team is going off the topic and which topic we should decide first to give the highest efficiency.
For the weaknesses, I think I am not very familiar with what the Bible mentioned as I haven’t had enough time to read much yet. Sometimes I know the theory or rules but I cannot find a reference from the Bible. Also, I may do all the work by myself and forgot I can ask help from my teammates. I know this will downgrade the quality of the serving but this always happens when I focus too much on the result of the service but forget the connection between me and my teammates.


How can we best support/care for you?

I may need to be reminded that I should not take all the roles and responsibilities for any service because when I get too deep into them, I will forget the meaning behind every service. Moreover, next year will be my final year. I would like someone pray for me that I can have enough time and energy to face my committee position and my final year project from my study.