Name: Oscar Tin Yiu LaiOscar

Degree: 2017 Bachelor of Engineering & Science

Converted: 1994

Baptised: 2003

Church: Hills Christian Alliance Church

提名職位: Treasurer

Email: [email protected]


My vision is that in the coming year CCF should reach out to more Cantonese non-Christians who currently did not attend to any of the Christian group (eg MBS, EU etc.) among the campus, and as well as increasing our own spiritual growth during the process. To serve God is to spread the precious gift of the gospel. The gospel is something that we must actively share to one and other.

I think both reaching out to non-Christians and increasing the spiritual growth of our brothers and sister are things that CCF should achieves. However, it is always tougher than it may sounds to achieve both of these at the same time. CCF does not have the amount of helpers and resources to achieve to a satisfactory level in both of these goals. This could be seen in the previous year 2014 for which increasing the spiritual growth is the main focus point.

2015 committees had discuss on this matter thoroughly on an occasion, and came to a mutual agree among ourselves. We all agree on focusing on spreading the gospel among the campus as our main priority.


The work of spreading gospel is essential as this should be the primary work of every Christians. CCF as a campus group has an advantage on reaching onto new non-Christians. Compare to local church, CCF is able to have an easy access to different type of person through studying in the same school as them. The new committee group had a mutual agreement on the importance for us CCF to reach out to more people in the coming years and to share them our believes.

Character traits:

God had given me several gifts and traits on letting me be a sympathetic and attentive person. He had also given me a peaceful mind and forbearance characteristic whilst I facing hardship.

I need to work on always being faithfulness among each challenges that I might face in the future. Also I don’t have much skills on leading others and being talkative to others. I hope that God will train me and mold me to a better self in the coming days.

How can we best support/care for you?

I hope that I could seek for caring and love in CCF whenever I needed help. I hope to learn how to be a more godly person through learn from other individual in CCF. I am willing to improve my own self through hearing others’ advices and testimony.